Angel `ㅂ´*
89-Line ★ female ★ Shawol

무너진 내 심장은 날 버리지마 날 혼자 두지마 외치고 있지만 널 원해 미친 듯 난 널 원해

the amount of sass in those hips and hair flips (mostly just jjong tho tbh)

1/? Kim Kibum Edits

when Key’s the cutest ♡

SHINee AU meme ; Alice in wonderland 
Key → The Queen of Hearts

Onew - Jonghyun - Taemin - Minho

story of sungjong’s precious missing TV remote


Remember When? | { Inspired by this }

"We’re sorry Mr. Kim. The impact of the car broke too many bones and they tore through major organs- the blood loss was too much for his heart to handle."

Jonghyun sunk further down into his seat, shuddering hands struggling to cradle his head as choked sobs rattled the entirety of his frame.

His whole world was affectively obliterated in that moment,

because he couldn’t remember a world without Kibum.


sleepy namu