Angel `ㅂ´*
89-Line ★ female ★ Shawol

무너진 내 심장은 날 버리지마 날 혼자 두지마 외치고 있지만 널 원해 미친 듯 난 널 원해

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MV to movie poster: 15Downtown Baby part1 teaser ver」

10/ photos of Kim Kibum.

taemin’s sudden water bottle phobia and key being his usual sympathetic self..

today, heaven gained another beautiful angel. you were too young, too talented, too amazing to leave us. in your short time on this earth, you have brought smiles to so many faces and made many people happy with your beauty, talent and personality. you fought so hard these last few days, but you are in a better place now. rest in peace, kwon risae 1991 - 2014. you will be missed.


Daily Dose of Onew  #192 ~ Onew Body Appreciation Special